Race & Race Development Teams

Our junior race team and race development squads train in the spring and summer.

In spring we meet on a Saturday mornings 0930 to 1300 from Start Date May 11 through June 22; and in summer on a Monday evening between 1630 and 1930 from July 8 through August 26; (no session on August 5). 

We have spaces in our Opti and 420 fleets for sailors who have taken and passed the CANSail level 2 or equivalent and want to come out and learn how to sail faster in a fun and friendly environment.

Our race team sessions are open to ages 8 to 19. Opti’s can be raced from 7 through 13 years old. There’s no age limit for 420 sailors but we do require the sailor to be 100lbs in weight.

Spring Training (Saturdays) Junior Members Price - $265; Non Members - $295;

*Spring Training has been cancelled due to lack of interest.

*Summer training will be pulled from the calendar 3 weeks before the start date if there is no student signup.

Summer Training (7 Mondays) Junior Members Price - $240; Non Members - $275.

Please contact us for more information on sailtraining@nanaimoyc.ca

Come out and have some fun, meet friends and sail fast.

400 Newcastle Ave. Nanaimo, BC

T: 250-754-7011

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