Water Sport Weeks

Price - 4 days $240

All Classes 9 – 4pm

WS1: July 2 – 5

WS2: August 6 – 9

Bookings close 7 days prior to the session for ALL sessions. Sessions will be pulled within 14 days of start date should we not reach minimum numbers of 4.

Water Sports Weeks

Prerequisites – 13 through 18 years old.

4 day water sports camps are a great way to enjoy the summer exploring the local waterfront and learning different skills.

A chance to experience and learn four different ways to travel around on the water. All taught by qualified and experienced instructors - Kayaking, Paddleboarding, Dinghy sailing and Keelboating.

Our 4 day courses have 1 day kayaking & paddleboarding, one day keelboating and two days of dinghy sailing.

It’s a great chance to try your hand a several sports under the supervision of qualified instructors.

Explore the shores of Newcastle Island by kayak and paddleboard and sail around Snake and Five Fingers Islands on our keelboats.

It’s a great way to spend some of your summer.

400 Newcastle Ave. Nanaimo, BC

T: 250-754-7011

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