Keelboat Courses

A Keelboat is a larger and more stable boat with a fixed keel which stops the boat from capsizing. A step up in size from dinghies, like a small yacht but more manageable than a cruising yacht. They can bridge the gap between dinghies and cruisers, offering many benefits of both to the adult beginner.

Our Keelboat Courses are for beginner, intermediate and advanced level sailors. Adult classes are scheduled over a 2 day period for 7 hrs a day. We start each day with a little theory in the classroom before heading out onto the water.

These courses are designed to give students the necessary skills to act as both skipper and crew on a sailboat of up to 30 feet in length, in moderate weather conditions.

Each course is a total of 14 hours and taught on either our 24 ft or 22 ft keelboats.

For those wishing to receive an IYT Day Skipper <30 feet certification you will need to complete at least 4 days of training if you have some sailing experience or 6 days if you are new to sailing.

Beginner/Crew - Intro to sailing - Ideal for new sailors. 

Includes safety equipment and procedures, reefing and knots, terminology, basic boat handling under sail.

Intermediate - Ideal for those with limited experience and knowledge who want to learn how to become skippers during daylight in local sheltered waters .

Includes boat handling under sail and power, basic weather and chart reading, man-overboard procedures, docking and collision regulations.

As of 2019 we are able to offer anyone starting the Intermediate course the option to also do the advanced course (total 4 days) and sit the IYT Day Skipper <30 foot test.

Advanced - For an experienced sailor who wants to learn more about performance sailing and passage planning.

Includes advanced boat handling, introduction to spinnaker, passage planning and execution.

As of 2019 we are now able to offer anyone taking the Advanced Keelboat Course (Intermediate + Advanced weekends) the option of sitting the IYT Day Skipper <30 foot test.

Adult Courses Dates & Prices

Ages 19 + (2 days on water) 9 - 4pm

($750 for 1 couple course. By request.)
Beginner/Crew Course $275 (Max 3 students per boat) Prerequisites - None.
BK1: May 11 & 12 (FULL)

BK6: June 1 & 2 (FULL)

BK2: June 22 & 23 (FULL)

BK3: July 6 & 7 (FULL)

BK3a: July 20 & 21 - (FULL)

BK4: August 10 & 11 (FULL)

BK5: Sept 7 & 8 (FULL)

BK6: Sept 28 & 29 (FULL)

Intermediate (Max 3 students per boat)

$300 With IYT Day Skipper < 30 foot Certification $275 training only.

Advanced (Max 3 students per boat)

$300 With IYT Day Skipper < 30 foot Certification $275 training only.

Prerequisites - Crew course or at least 2 days hands on sailing experience for intermediate training.

IK1:  June 1 & 2 (FULL)

IK1a: May 11 & 12 (FULL)

IK2: July 20 & 21 (FULL)

IK3: August 24 & 25 (FULL)

IK4: Sept 7 & 8 (FULL)

IK5: Sept 21 & 22 space remaining

If you would like to request different dates to the ones above please email us and we will try to slot them in.

Sessions will be pulled within 14 days of start date should we not reach minimum numbers of 3.

Youth Courses Dates & Prices

Ages 15 to 19. All Classes 9 – 4pm
All - $300; (4 days);

YC1: July 8 - 12 

YC2: Aug 6 - 9 (1 space remaining)

400 Newcastle Ave. Nanaimo, BC

T: 250-754-7011

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